Fapre have 6 branch factories today,400 employees,total area of 120,000 square meters and more than 30 new products developments per year.

Our products including recycled rubber,rubber&plastic color masterbatch,rubber sheet,rubber mat,rubber sport floor,rubber conveyor belt,silicon rubber sheet,PVC coil mat,vinyl flooring tiles and all kinds of sports products,gym floor,rubber bumper plate,judo mat,taekwondo mat,rollout mat,etc.

Having been manufacturing in rich experience and advanced technologies, we able to make our products available to customers at extremely competitive prices due to its bulk producing & buying strategy and the intensive dealing developed over the years.

FAPRE are seeking for long time business relations in the world, welcome strong partners to develop solid cooperation.

FAPRE products bring you value you can trust. QUALITY is our SOUL of selling, we always focus on quality to guarantee our customers. On the basis of internationally rated producing facilities, with the state-of-the-art technology, strict quality control, and high safety standards, FAPRE has become one of the best quality supplier in China. Our goal is to provide competitive and quality products through our efforts in broad experience and production capabilities.


With many years of professional sales experience, we know the market home and abroad, providing you with the information needed to not just make the sale, but make sure they make the right sale for you. Our sales team is a group of motivated support people who care about you and your business to make sure that doing business with FAPRE is always a pleasure.