Diamond rubber mat
Product description

Widely used in sleeping mattresses,channel pads,cow fitness pads,production mattresses,pads to be squeezed,return channel pads,milking station pads.Play the role of anti-skid,anti-fall,easy to clean,safety and hygiene,heat perservation,epidemic prevention and so on.


1.Easy to clean and maintain

2.It has strong anti-skid and protective performance


4.Excellent Scratch Resist

5.Excellent Impact resistant

6.Excellent Weather resistant

7.Excellent Heat resistant

8.Excellent UV resistant

9.Acid&Alkali resistant


Design concept:

Face Rubber: the formula of automobile tire design concept, using natural rubber, butadiene rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber used together. Non-slip, wear-resistant and tear-resistant. The combined use of a variety of anti-aging agents effectively improves the anti-aging properties of the products, according to the use of the environment also takes into account corrosion resistance as well as anti-mold and other details, the overall design of the formula from physical properties, to its actual use. Combined with years of practical application of continuous improvement, has reached the best level. 

Middle Reinforcing Fiber: adding high-strength Mesh fiber fabric in the middle can balance the deformation, improve the tear strength of the product more effectively, the edge is fixed by bolt can be more solid, extend the service life of the product.

Bottom Rubber: bottom rubber plays the role of buffer and support face rubber, the comfort of face rubber mainly depends on bottom rubber, bottom rubber adopts natural rubber as main, synthetic rubber as auxiliary, all kinds of fillers are used together, play a decisive role for constant deformation.

  ★Please tell us your application scenarios ,we will recomend you the right performance according to your scenarios and requirements.

  ★Thickness can be from 15mm to 25mm

  ★Width within 2 meters

  ★Length within 50 meters

  ★Bottom can be smooth or fine ribbed( length direction)

  ★Black color

  ★Insertion layer or customized

Q1. Where is your factory ?

A1: Our company’s processing center is located in Hebei, China.Which is well equipped with kinds of machines, such as laser cutting machine, mirror polishing machine and so on.We can provide a wide range of personalized services according to the customers’ needs.


Q2. How do you control quality ?

A2: First step , Please contact with our sales team , talked about the cargo details , if need sample , we can supply the sample for free ; If the sample can reach to requirement , the client can sign the contract with our company;Before shipment , client can inspect the cargo loading and seal the container , we also can accept inspection of the third party ( Such as SGS ,BV etc ) ;


Q3. What are the advantages of your company ?

A3: We have many professionals, technical personnel, more competitive prices and best after-dales service than other seamless lead product companies.


Q4. How about the delivery time ?

A4: It is based on the order, After 15 days of shipment , we will send the documents of customs clearance to you ;After get the cargo , please give feedback to us


Q5. Can i have free samples?

A5: We can offer samples for free, but the courier cost shall be payed by new clients.


Q6. How to order?

A6: Inquiry → Quotation → Negotiation → Samples → PO/PI → Mass production →Book Space → Balance/Deliver → Further.